Thema: New Dominator Option
#1: 28.10.2017 - 11:03
flag JensenBreck avatarpicBeiträge: 67
It's time for something new and different instead of just getting left's spheres
I say, allow for the domination of one's self with dominator helmet
This would create a complete replica of yourself, and functions just like this illusion.
It would also be interesting if it did not damage and could not absorb as much as it does the life of its cloneWhy in the light is deso like PA's number one used item?
This item is due to be received, and it works best on PA because of the synergy of the supporting element
Yes, a self supported ultimate crit chance, no wonder this hero is so out of whack
There's no way in hell that's reduced armor in her own inventory, so she's a hero that's hard to kill as well.
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