#1: 14.10.2017 - 14:26
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As has been discussed in this thread, there won't be a site update this year, but here are the current, unofficial, positions. Albums and songs from 2015 are included, but the list of 3000+ songs that will be added next year are not included here.´

A lot more movement in the songs list compared to the albums list, even though a large number of new albums lists has been added. So many albums lists that have been added to AM over the years, that a few additional lists don't make much of a difference anymore.

The songs lists that have been published/discovered during the last year or so are generally from less "fashionable" sources than before. I think it has both its pros and cons. Anyway, you will see a big boost of the classic rock canon.

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" has unofficially overtaken the number one spot from "Like a Rolling Stone", but with about the smallest margin possible. Right now they are virtually tied in the top!


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